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Devonshire Firewood

Premium Briquettes, Devon

Devonshire Firewood is a local supplier of sustainable premium firewood for homes and businesses. Our popular range of netted kiln-dried Ash and Birch logs are perfectly complimented by our RUF Briquettesfor an even longer, hotter fire or as a kiln dried wood alternative. All of our products are available to buy on our online shop or by calling our dedicated team. Customers within the local area also benefit from FREE next day delivery. Our delivery staff also stack your logs and or briquettes for you, in a dry area you have designated.

Why Choose RUF Briquettes?

The Ultimate Guide to Cost-Efficiency, Eco-Friendliness, and Versatility

As temperatures dip, the need for a reliable and efficient source of heat becomes imperative. That’s where our Premium RUF Briquettes come in. At Devonshire Firewood, we extend our commitment to quality and sustainability to our range of RUF Briquettes. Here’s a comprehensive guide on why RUF Briquettes should be your heating solution this Winter and beyond.


Unbeatable Value for Money

Larger Pack, More Heat

Our Premium RUF Briquettes come in a generous 10kg pack, with 96 packs per pallet. What’s more, they are made from virgin kiln-dried woodchip sourced from FSC Mixed Sources, ensuring the highest quality material is used.

Dense Construction, Less Mess

One of the unique features of RUF Briquettes is their dense construction, which results in less mess compared to other pressed briquettes. This means easier handling and storage, saving you both time and effort.

Long Burning Time, High Heat Output

With less than 10% moisture content and only 1% ash residue, these briquettes promise a long burning time coupled with a high heat output. This translates to fewer refills and a cozier, warmer living environment.

Food-Safe Quality

These briquettes are safe for use with food, making them an excellent option for barbecues or pizza ovens. The high heat output ensures efficient cooking, broadening the utility of this product far beyond merely keeping your home warm.

Eco-Friendly and Safe

Carbon Neutral Alternative

Our RUF Briquettes are free from harmful glues and additives, making them a natural, carbon-neutral alternative to traditional coal or anthracite. This aligns perfectly with our commitment to offering sustainable heating options.

Versatility and Compatibility

A Substitute for Kiln-Dried Logs

Not only are RUF Briquettes an excellent standalone heating option, but they can also be used as a substitute for kiln-dried logs. This offers you versatility in choosing your fuel source based on your specific needs.

Make Your Firewood Last Longer

Given their long burning time, using RUF Briquettes in combination with regular firewood can help extend the longevity of your wood supply. Essentially, these briquettes are a cost-efficient way to make your firewood load go further.

Quick Specs: At a Glance
  • 10kg Pack Contains 12 Briquettes: Great value in every pack.
  • Less than 10% Moisture Content: Ensures longer burn time.
  • 4,800 Kwh/Tonne: High heat output for ultimate warmth.
A Heating Solution You Can Count On

Choosing our Premium RUF Briquettes means opting for a product that offers unmatched value for money, environmental benefits, and versatile applications. From warming your home to cooking delicious meals, these briquettes serve as an all-in-one solution. Thank you for choosing quality, versatility, and sustainability—thank you for choosing Devonshire Firewood’s RUF Briquettes.

Devonshire Firewood

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