Briquettes - Devonshire Firewood
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Devonshire Firewood

Premium Briquettes, Devon

Devonshire Firewood is a local supplier of sustainable premium firewood for homes and businesses. Our popular range of netted kiln-dried Ash and Birch logs are perfectly complimented by our RUF Briquettesfor an even longer, hotter fire or as a kiln dried wood alternative. All of our products are available to buy on our online shop or by calling our dedicated team. Customers within the local area also benefit from FREE next day delivery. Our delivery staff also stack your logs and or briquettes for you, in a dry area you have designated.

Why Choose RUF Briquettes?

Value for money

Keep warm this Winter with our Premium RUF Briquettes 10kg Larger pack*. 96 packs per pallet 

  • Made from virgin kiln dried woodchip from FSC Mixed Sources.
  • RUF Briquettes are renowned for their quality of production resulting in a densely constructed briquettes so you have less mess than other pressed briquettes.
  • Long burning time and high heat output with less than 10% moisture content and 1% Ash residue.
  • High density and free from harmful glues so are a natural, carbon neutral alternative to coal or anthracite.
  • Safe to use with food so excellent for use with barbecues or pizza ovens due to their high heat output.
  • Can be used as a substitute for kiln dried logs

Help make your firewood load go further with our Premium RUF Briquettes.

10kg Pack Contains 12 briquettes. Less than 10% Moisture Content. 4,800 Kwh/Tonne

Locally Sourced

Sustainable fuel


Promising a long burn and a high heat output, choosing quality briquettes means clean, consistent and efficient fuel that is superb value for money. Perfect  alongside our kiln dried logs for an even longer, hotter fire.


Made from virgin kiln dried woodchip from FSC Mixed Sources. Our premium quality Briquettes are locally & ethically sourced. Renowned for their quality of production resulting in densely constructed briquettes resulting in less mess than other pressed briquettes.


We will deliver our quality kiln dried firewood (netted for your convenience) straight to your door free of charge within the local area. Find out if you qualify here.

Devonshire Firewood

Buy Online

Order your Briquettes and Firewood conveniently from our online shop. Local customers benefit from free delivery.