Kiln Dried Logs | Premium firewood from trusted Devon supplier
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Kiln Dried Logs

Devonshire Firewood

Kiln Dried Logs For Sale, Exeter

Devonshire Firewood is a local supplier of sustainable premium firewood for homes and businesses. Our popular range of netted kiln-dried Ash and Birch logs are well known for their exceptional heat output, clean burn and are all available on our online shop or by calling our dedicated team. Customers within the local area also benefit from FREE next day delivery. Our delivery staff also stack your logs for you in a dry area you have designated.

Why Choose Kiln Dried Logs?

Value for money

It is our belief that by offering only premium kiln-dried hardwood, our customers will get the best possible value for money and can rest assured that their fuel is sustainably, ethically and locally sourced.  Our wood is a low carbon or carbon neutral fuel because of how it has been processed and dried. This means that there is little to no negative impact on our planet and therefore we should continue to utilise this source of energy and invest in planting trees and using wood for fuel.

Kiln Dried Logs will give you the maximum heat output for every pound you spend. This process also promises a much cleaner fuel, helping to keep your burner glass and flue clean and clear from tar condensates, prolonging the life of your burner and saving on chimney sweeping costs. Each kiln dried log will give out more heat than a comparable seasoned log meaning you will spend less money on logs to achieve the same level of heat. This makes Kiln dried logs excellent value for money.

At Devonshire Firewood we only supply kiln-dried premium quality hardwood that not only burns for longer, creates a beautiful flame but is also is much cleaner and kinder to your stoves and chimneys.

The Benefits

  • Generates greater heat output
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • More economical
  • Reduced residue and deposits in flues and chimneys
  • Significantly prolongs the life of your burners, boilers and heating systems.
  • WoodSure Certified Suppliers
Locally Sourced

Sustainable fuel


Promising maximum heat output for every pound you spend. Choosing quality firewood means clean, consistent and efficient fuel that is superb value for money.


Our WoodSure certified firewood is from responsibly managed woodlands. Our premium quality firewood is only ever ethically sourced.



We will deliver our quality kiln dried firewood (netted for your convenience) straight to your door free of charge within the local area. Find out if you qualify here.

Devonshire Firewood

Buy Online

Order your logs conveniently fron our Firewood online shop. Local customers benefit from free delivery.