Somerset Grill Co. | Superior Grills for Gourmet Outdoor Cooking
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Local Spotlight: Somerset Grill Co.

Local Spotlight: Somerset Grill Co.

Superior Grills for Gourmet Outdoor Cooking

While we at Devonshire Firewood usually shine the spotlight on all things Devon, we simply couldn’t overlook a not-so-local gem that has caught our attention – Somerset Grill Co. Nestled just outside of Devon, this outstanding company crafts some of the finest grills in the UK, meriting a well-deserved exception to our usual Devon focus.

The Art of Grill Making by Somerset Grill Co.

Somerset Grill Co. epitomizes the art of grill making with its top-tier collection of high-quality, durable grills designed for the culinary enthusiast. Each grill is a testament to superior craftsmanship, combining sleek design with functionality that turns any outdoor area into a professional cooking station. Whether it’s searing steaks to perfection or slow-roasting vegetables, Somerset grills offer unparalleled heat distribution and control, ensuring each meal is cooked to perfection.

Why We Recommend Somerset Grills

Our recommendation of Somerset Grill Co. grills comes from their proven performance and robust build. Ideal for those who cherish the outdoor cooking experience, these grills are designed to endure the elements while maintaining their aesthetic appeal and functionality year after year. The attention to detail in every grill ensures that users achieve consistent culinary excellence, making them a must-have for any serious grill master.

A Perfect Pairing

Though we’re passionate about promoting Devon’s local businesses and products, the quality of Somerset grills is too good not to share. Their grills pair exceptionally well with our range of premium, kiln-dried firewood, known for its clean burn and high heat output. Together, they provide the ultimate outdoor cooking experience. This is why we find ourselves stepping over the county line,  because quality knows no boundaries.

Supporting Excellence Beyond Borders

Supporting excellence, even when it lies beyond our immediate locale, is essential for all who appreciate great craftsmanship and the joys of outdoor cooking.

Discover the Difference Yourself

This summer, elevate your grilling game by exploring the superior range of grills offered by Somerset Grill Co. Experience why this not-so-local maker has earned our rare out-of-county recommendation, and turn your next outdoor gathering into a gourmet event.

Visit Somerset Grill Co. to browse their exceptional products, and see for yourself how a great grill can transform your cooking experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

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