Seasoned logs or Kiln dried logs? - Devonshire Firewood
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Seasoned logs or Kiln dried logs?

Seasoned or Kiln Dried logs

Seasoned logs or Kiln dried logs?

At Devonshire firewood we believe that our consistently high-quality logs are what keeps our customers coming back for more, but it’s important to let you know why we only offer our premium quality kiln dried logs and why we won’t be extending our product range to include seasoned logs.

When you are buying firewood logs, it’s always important to ensure that the wood you buy has been properly dried: a lower moisture content means that your firewood will light easily, burn consistently well with a good heat output, it shouldn’t blacken the glass of your stove door. The two main variations we are asked for are kiln dried or seasoned logs and here is the difference between the two.

Both are means of drying out firewood, reducing its moisture content to make it suitable for all types of stove and fire. Generally, you’ll find that the moisture content of wood that hasn’t been treated is around 30% to 45%: for the perfect burn, a moisture content of 15-25% is recommended.

Air Dried (Seasoned) Logs

Seasoned firewood logs are wood that has been left to air dry naturally. For it to be it’s most effective the wood should be split into smaller logs to increase the surface area allowing the logs to dry out more efficiently. Softer woods that are less dense will dry faster than their hard wood counterpart.

Kiln Dried Logs

Kiln-dried logs are as the name suggests, dried in a kiln oven. The drying process is sped up and is vastly more effective than relying on air alone. Burning kiln dried logs will give you maximum heat output for every pound spent and will help keep your burner glass and flue clean and clear from tar condensates, prolonging the life of your burner and therefore saving on chimney sweeping costs. Each kiln-dried log will give out more heat than a comparable seasoned log (due to the lower moisture content) meaning you will spend less money on logs to achieve the same level of heat. The kiln drying process also ensures a consistent product so you can be sure the firewood you are buying from us will perform in the same way. Seasoned logs are often inconsistent due to the variations in moisture content that arise from the natural seasoning process meaning that batched will differ and therefore your firewood performance can vary greatly. As your supplier, the last thing we would want is for you to receive a disappointing log delivery.

Because seasoned logs go through less processing they do cost less to process and to buy. At Devonshire Firewood, we believe that the extra cost for kiln dried logs more than justifies the benefits. Let us know what you think by commenting below.

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