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Warm Up Your Winter Nights with Our Kiln Dried Firewood Barrow Bags

Warm Up Your Winter Nights with Our Kiln Dried Firewood Barrow Bags

As the mercury dips to a frigid -5°C tonight in Devon, we at Devonshire Firewood are thrilled to unveil our latest products to help you stay warm and comfortable: our Kiln Dried Ash and Silver Birch Hardwood Barrow Bags.

Kiln Dried Ash Hardwood: Ideal for long, cold nights, this wood provides excellent heat and a steady burn.

Silver Birch Hardwood: Not only efficient but also aromatic, adding a cosy ambiance to your home.

Both options come in eco-friendly barrow bags for easy handling and storage. With our doorstep delivery, getting ready for the cold weather has never been easier.

Read more about these wonderful new products on our website and learn how you can make your winter evenings more comfortable and enjoyable.

Stay warm and safe,

Alex and Kevin
The Devonshire Firewood Team

Please be advised that our Kiln Dried Hardwood Barrow Bags are heavy, reflecting the substantial quantity and quality of the wood provided. Due to their weight, the bags may need to be emptied by hand or, alternatively, can be maneuvered using sack trucks. We recommend handling by two people for easier and safer transport. This attention to handling is crucial for ensuring your convenience and safety while moving and storing the firewood. Your understanding and caution in this matter are greatly appreciated.

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